About us

Race history by the American product Victall structure Wuzhou Plastic Co., Ltd. (CSP) and Qingdao Victall Group Co., Ltd., a joint venture company, the two sides each 50% of the shares. Joint venture company located in Tangshan City, is one of the production of advanced composite materials and products supplier of Chinese products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles (trucks, buses), agricultural machinery and construction machinery market.

By the end of 2015 we built a 38,000-square-meter production base, including
Installation and commissioning of two 3300 tons presses production.
SMC sheet production line installation production
By 2016, we will complete
4300 t Dieffenbacher press installation and commissioning into operation
LFT-D production line
GMT Production Line
Automatic painting line equipment Robot

For 40 years, CSP has the most advanced lightweight composite technology, providing solutions for cars, trucks, air conditioning and construction machinery. CSP headquarters is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, to provide customers with a full set of technology solutions, has with more than 50 patents from the composite of the formulation of raw materials to the production process. For more information, please visit www.cspplastics.com.

Qingdao victall Railway Group was founded in 2002, is a modular component supplier Chinese High-speed Rail leading industry. At the same time in many cities in China to provide after-sales service, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tangshan, Changchun, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ji'nan, Qingdao, and in Europe and North America have also established after-sales service network. Qingdao victall Railway Group and its subsidiaries and two joint venture companies with more than 3000 employees.For more information, please visit www.victall.com.